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Paging Bobby to the Red Courtesy Phone

Originally Posted by Bonebag
And it wont' mess up anyones bike..having two keys..whether same or different chipped keys..very close together, like on a key ring, will cause the engine not to start..I imagine you could remove your key and shuv it over by your buddies ignition while he was starting his for a laugh..kind of like reaching over at a stop light and turning his ignition off...
OK, Bobby, here's your chance to clear up another Internet myth: I've been told by dealers and riders that placing one BMW (EWS chip) key too close to another BMW key (car or MC) will screw up the keys and render their RF chip(s) useless for starting one or both vehicles.

Is this true, or is it just a case of two keys on the same ring interfering with each other's signal when trying to start a vehicle? Thanks in advance...
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