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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
All new BMW's use the same ring antenna. Faiulre of this item has been reported on bikes with low mileage, i.e. fairly new. Your KGT's setup is identical to the GS's. If you're that worried about it, buy yourself a spare antenna ($122 from Max BMW) and keep it handy. Familiarize yourself with how to unplug the wiring harness from your bike's antenna and try it on the spare one, just in case it happens on the road, you'll know exactly what to do. Leaving the key in the ignition makes no difference. Every time you start the bike, the BMS-K computer sends a signal to the chip in the key, if it doesn't receive the correct code, it will not allow the bike to start.

I saw the mega moto in person yesterday and it has it. All new bikes have it. I chatted with the race crew racing the R1200S and it also has it. But it looks like they have removed the cover with the 2 security screws so the wiring harness going into the antenna is easily accessible.

thx so much !
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