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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
I'm going back to the Mosport race track today, I will take a picture of how the R1200S race bikes are setup around the ring antenna, so you get an idea of what it looks like with the cover removed. I am going the race techs why they have removed the cover on the antenna, i.e. did you have an EWS issue.. I believe to remove those 2 screws you need to drill them out, which you might want to do in comfort of your own garage.

Then if you have an issue, you unplug the harness from the antenna attached to the triple clamp and plug it into the spare one, and you pass the key through it and into the key hole, it won't be pretty but it will work.

I still want to know the part number for the extension cord harness that was mentioned previously in this threadfest, because from the looks of things, the harness going into the antenna doesn't have much slack in it.
will there be megga motos racing there? I called several dealerships in US and they all say no megga here till fall....
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