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I owned a DR 800 for 6 months while I was doing geologic field work in southern Spain. They are quite top heavy and scary on pavement. I remember the first time I leaned it over, it fealt like I was losing the front; I thought "no, that can't be". A few weeks later, I found that in fact the front slips away readily when leaned over on pavement, especially with a full tank of fuel! The guy who helped me pick the bike up of the pavement when I crashed had ridden his cousin's a DR 800 extensively (he was on a Criville replica scooter when he found me) and confirmed my impression that "se va de nada", which losely translated from Spanish means 'the front goes away for no reason' or 'the front goes away for little reason'.

Also, the Dr big consumed lots of oil - keep an eye on the oil level!

Otherwise, the DRbig is a blast. On dirt, DON'T LEAN IT OVER TO TURN! Just keep it upright, and steer with the rear wheel by powersliding. As you might expect it is a torque monster, so stearing with the rear wheel is easy and BIG FUN.

THE DRBIG is a capapble long-distance tourer on pavement - I did several hundred km two up, all over the mountains of s. Spain with my ex, when she came to visit. It was really great bike for long-distance hauling. JUST BE CAREFUL ON THE PAVEMENT IN THE TURNS, THE FRONT IS REALLY EASY TO LOSE!
Below is me with the bike in 1997. I am not sure what model year THE DR is, but it is an 800.

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XR650L is the relevant bike now

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