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Wandering Around Alaska and Northern Canada in June 2007


Traveling to Whitehorse, the next day made up for the shoe leather dinner and night in the swamp!

Here is a guy from Germany we met at a fuel stop that is on his 13th trip to Northern Canada and Alaska on his Thumper.

The name of this little Restaurant made more sense after traveling up the road further. I got some wildlife and scenic landscape pictures. Saw a lot more.

Muncho Lake

I had heard a lot of grumbling that the Alaska Highway was boring. I thought some of it was. But the section between Summit Lake and Muncho was magnificent. It also had an unbelievable amount of wildlife along the road and breathtaking landscapes.

A stop at Sally's at the 37 Junction was well worth it. Also we signed the AdvRider log book.

One of the few places that didn't serve dogs --- not that I eat them.

At Whitehorse we stayed at the highly recommended at Robert Service Tent campground just outside of town. The recommendation was spot on. Clean, well kept, can pull your bike right up to a nice tent pad and best of all no big RV generators running all night.

We camped next to 3 guys from Juneau that were bicycling a big triangle from Juneau to Whitehorse to Skagway. Iíve got a lot of respect for the people that pedal up some of those mountain passes.

Here is Jean, his brother and a friend.

The next day we were off to Fairbanks.
He's how to ruin your day. The trailer included a motorcycle, maybe a Harley and an ATV. Both burned beyond recognition.

This Mile Marker is well protected

I made my first gas mistake. As we crossed the boarder, I figured gas stations would be more frequent and passed up the stations just north of the boarder. I assumed there would be a station at the Dawson City junction, well within our range. Well there was a station but it was closed. I made it to about ľ mile from the first station in Tok, the next town. Incidently for any 1200 riders my miles-to-empty was a zero for about 15 more miles. My little MSR bottle of fuel saved the day. After gassing we eat at the highly recommended Fast Eddies.

This is an interesting story. This bridge was dedicated to the black veterans of the Army Corp of Engineers that helped built the Alaska Highway during WW2. They were mostly from the south so the weather had to be a shock. They were segregated, of course, and proved equally capable of constructing the road as their white counterparts. They initially engineered and built a wood bridge over this river, much to the surprise of the officers. Its since been replaced by this steel structure.

About 3 weeks before we departed I had made arrangements with The Outpost Harley dealership to get us fixed up with some knobby tires. I had initially called the famous George Rahn of Trails End BMW. He told me he was turning his business over to the Outpost Harley Dealership and a guy name Scooter, from the dealership, was handling customers. I talked to Scooter and of course, he wanted to know when I would be arriving to schedule an appointment! Iíll be traveling 4000 miles - Duh! he insisted. I figured it would take us a week to get to Fairbanks so I told them June 11. We were a little behind our schedule because of the extra dirt road trip we took in Canada. So I was worried that we would have to wait several days before getting our knobbies and being able to take off to Prudhoe Bay.
Fairbanks Finally
We arrived in Fairbanks late evening and checked in to the River Edge Campground out near the Airport and right on the river that runs through Fairbanks. Itís a really nice full service campground. It also happens to be right across the highway from the Outpost dealership. I did notice a state park campground close in the area. We needed showers and laundry so River Edge worked.

Our view from the Campsite.

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