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Originally Posted by snare
Does the DR350S/SE (or DR250S/SE) allow for fitting kickstart AND keeping the electric starter?

And what about vice versa, do the kickstart versions allow fitting the electric starter and keeping the kicker?

searched, didn't find the answer.

Trying to decide between the earlier kickstart models and the newer e-starts. I am finding a significant price difference between them.

I am new to bikes and have never kickstarted one.

I plan on using a DR for daily driver duty and everything else, including very remote backcountry,

I imagine not having a battery as a concern would be a benefit in remote areas. The kickstart seems to have a reliability advantage. I have also read, and can imagine, that the e-start must be nice on restarts on hills.

The reported difficulties with kickstarting the DR have me a little concerned...particularly when using it as a daily driver.

I figure having both would be ideal. I know the DRZ has both, but 1) it's not factory street legal in the US and 2) I read the engine won't run without a battery (2001 Dirt Bike Mag online article),
Why do you say the DRZ are not legal ? Get an "S" model and you won't have troubles.

You would really be better off with a newer DRZ, I had 2 , and I had 2 DR350 also. DRZ is way better all around
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