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We were all up early on July 4th and I think we were on the paved express I-5 by 6 something am. Luckily it was the 4th of July, and the Seattle Commute was not its nasty norm.

We breezed up through the Sumas, WA border Crossing with ease and headed for the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler out of Vancouver.

I'm a chemist and microbiologist for Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, Oregon...and I have my eye on locally brewed cold beer through this trip. Many new brewpubs have opened up north since my last trip in 2001. And the first target is the Whistler Brewhouse in Whistler Village...

The house lager is clean and cold, but ouch...the cost? $8 US and with tip about $10 US here for a beer. My first indication of where our dollar has headed....

And while I was the only one enjoying a cold one after our hot ride up to Whistler (it was 80-90 degrees coming up from Vancouver), Drrags was taking a nap by the parking lot and constant train of down hill mountain bikers riding back to the ski lift.

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