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Time-lapse from Portland to Vancouver, BC

Thanks J!

Good god it was as painful to make these clips as it was to ride that stretch from Portland to Whistler!

So instead of looking at some randomly taken pictures of slog from Seattle to Vancouver, here you can watch some time-lapse to give you a feel for what it's like. Having done Portland to Seattle a bunch of times, it's just a slog for me, but if you haven't done it before and always wondered what the ride was like, here ya go!

Part 1: Portland, Oregon to before Seattle (same as the link above that J did for me). You really don't want to speed much in the Tacoma area. Speed traps abound.
Portland towards Seattle

Part 2: Through Seattle towards the border, still on I-5.
Through Seattle

Part 3: Past Seattle, then right onto Hwy 539 to get to a deserted Customs crossing, with the pre-requisite stop at the Duty Free shop to stock up on smokes and booze.
Hwy 539

Part 4: Into Canada! Very slow traffic into Vancouver on Maple Leave Hwy 1, then road construction that lasts to Whistler. It was hot, I was sleepy, and the way was slow going. They're tearing up the road to make ready for the 2008 Winter Olympics in Whistler. If you plan on making time, do not go through Whistler!
To Whistler and onto Hwy 99

I hope you like these time-lapse movies. I can make them go faster or slower. What do y'all want to see? Due to Smugmug constraints though, I don't think I can make them bigger. Hell, I don't know. If you have some tips, lemme know.

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