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And finally, the end of Day 1

Ok, I warned y'all that I was going to post so many pictures that you would want to puke. The pictures start NOW!

CDN Hwy 99 is a great road - well paved, and deserted. We stayed on Hwy 99 until it junctioned with Hwy 97 to 100 Mile House where we spent our first night.

Now, for me, this is the farthest north I'd ever been, and it was all "ooh" and "ahh". "Wow, look at the snow-capped mountains!". Little was I to know how this would pale with what was in store for us.

Ok, hang on for some touristy shots!

Ok, it starts like this:

Yes, it is as deserted as it appears.

There was LOTs of stopping for pics

Ok, being an Arizona boy, I saw this river on the left and thought "Huh, it must have just rained, the wash is full!" But I guess washes that always have water in them are called "rivers"

Yeah, yeah, more scenary shots. I warned ya!

Ok, a scenary shot with a bike in it. Are you happy now?

The aftermath of Forrest doing some donuts. It was afterwards that he realized where he was and was just agog at the scenary.

Squid heaven.

Lot's of these one-lane bridges on Hwy 99!

A gratuitous shot of the Mighty KTM 640 Adventure

Just in case you think I'm lying...

I just like this picture. No comment.

513 miles from Portland. Notice that it's dark, just like you'd expect.

One cool thing was, the farther north you got, the steeper the hills.

Just in case you think I'm lying

With Forrest around, these girls were not safe.

Yes, this is as steep as it looks. I don't recall any guard rails, either.

The beginning of Canadian gas price sticker shock. Ultimately I paid up to the equivelent of about $6.50 a gallon. Mostly is was around $5.50 a gallon. Canada to US $ was practially 1 to 1.

Our campsite at 100 Mile House and the end of the 1st day. Notice the cute little yellow tent on the left. More on that, later

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