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Day 2 from 100 Mile House to (almost) Hyder, AK

We rip down the campsite and head for the hills. But first we need some coffee and breakfast.

Brauhausbier is a little paranoid about the fuel pump on his 950 (as he should be) and even brought along a spare. Forrest and I leave the coffee house first and decide to play a little trick on Brauhausbier. I grab my water bottle and pour a little puddle under his bike and when he comes out, we point to it and say "Dude, I think you're leaking gas!" It was pretty funny watching the panic set in as the thought of having some kind of bike problem so far from home sets in. We wanted to let the joke go for awhile, but I was starting to feel bad about it. Nevertheless, we schemed about putting oil under his bike the next time.

Forrest looking patient, but he's not, he's ready to go!

Forrest laughing while I try to figure out how to make my camera work.

We're almost to Alaska!

One of many stunning shots.

The scenary is always improved with a motorcycle in the shot

If you don't like road construction, the Great White North is not for you. None of them were bad though, maybe 10 or 20 minutes. I never minded because it was a nice break. We usually talked to the lollipop girls who come in for the summer from all over to make big bank and listen to stories from weirdos like us. 12 hour days though. If you're on a bike, always go straight to the front. Do it now because you're just going to have to pass all these guys later anyway.

Even the straight roads were awesome!

Just in case you think I'm lying

You gotta love how late the sun sets.

We're just short of Hyder. Thought we could make it, but...

Forrest is peeing on his bike to put out the fire, and Brauhausbier is just now realizing that he's gotta go dookie.

I was investigating an electrical problem and stuck my finger where it doesn't belong

Note the stylish fasion dress - straight from Paris.

New friends from Germany. They were great to talk to. I spoke more German on this trip than I have in the last 20 years put together. These guys invited our freezing carcasses over to warm by the fire when we really needed it. Then, they broke out the good Canadian beer. After the beer was finished off, they broke out the Canadian Whiskey. They love Canada and try to come over every year. The rig rental (truck and 5th wheel) works out to over $1,000 a day.

The sun has set. Neat.

After we ran out of wood, I set forth in the woods in search of firewood. After I broke though, say 20 feet from the road, I bend over to pick up some sticks and see this:

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