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Hyder, Alaska!

It's like some sort of milestone to make Alaska. It seemed that BC went on forever and that we would never make it.

When you see this sign on Hwy 37, turn left. It's important that you do.

Here is the time-lapse of Hwy 37A that gets you to here:

Drop down into the little valley and behold Bear Glacier! Wildman Forrest yells "Hey, let's ride up it! I think we can make that river crossing!" Brauhausbier and I had to hold him down. I think he could have done it though.

Just awesome.

After monkeying around here for awhile, it was off to Hyder!
Click here for the time-lapse!

Sadly, we got to Hyder at 8:00 AM and the place was shutdown. Nothing opened until 10:00 AM which was too bad. I wanted to get Hyderized, but, that will give me something to look forward to on the next trip!

Back into Stewart, BC. It's funny that, just to go to Hyder, AK, you have to go through customs. Stewart was open though, and I had a great breakfast. In the hunt for a place to eat, Brauhausbier and Forrest take off. I dawdle for a moment and realize that "Hey! There's a place to eat right here in front of my bike!" I think bhb and Forrest were a little annoyed that they couldn't find me.

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