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The total spent on this trip was about $3,400 for 21 days. This includes:
Ferry ride from Haines, AK to Bellingham, WA - $815
New tent from REI - $349
Surprise tire purchase in Whitehorse - $260
Pre-ordered tire in Wasilla - $111 (I hope you just made that little connection)
After I got back, I also spent another <$300 for chain, sprockets, brake pads, oil change, chainguide.

I'm a sucker for t-shirts and stickers though, on which I spent $2-300 dollars.

I moteled it only twice, once in Prudhoe Bay for $90, and once somewhere in the Yukon for $40. Otherwise it was all camping. There were usually only 2 meals a day, and not much snacking.

Total distance ridden was 6,232 miles.

The TKC-80 on the front lasted the whole trip, and I might have a few more commutes to work and back on it, but the TKC-80 rear smoked itself in a mere 2,200 miles (Portland to Whitehorse). I replace the TKC-80 with a Metzeler Sahara 3 (the only tire the Honda/KTM dealer had in an 18") and it did the remaining 4,000 miles, plus I still have probably another 1,000 to go on it. I could recommend that tire, but the sidewalls were stiff as hell and a bitch to change. Brauhausbier and Wyatt (and Matt, too, I believe) were running Scorpions on the rear and they lasted the whole trip (KTM 950's). It seems like the best combination was a Scorpion on the rear and a knobby, such as the TKC-80 on the front.
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