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Picture injection

Just in case you think I'm lyin'

I love these cool signs!

Neat gas pumps.

I have a friend who made me aware of crows and ravens, and now I'm compelled to take pictures of them. They are supposed to be embodied by ancestors - all I can say is they must have been the party ancestors, because these guys are loud and obnoxious. They'll walk over everything, get into anything, eat anything, and leave little (actually, large) gifts on your seat and suit.

I love how these are called "highways"

We got a chance to talk to a real ice-road trucker! I'd seen the ads for the show on TV, but I didn't really pay any attention. One of the things I didn't know was that there is a 15 mph speed limit for a reason. Apparenlty, as you drive a truck across the ice, the ice sinks a little under the load, but what that means is that the ice in front of the truck raises a little above the underlying water. If you go too fast and end up riding onto the raised portion, you will probably go down. Another thing, I thought the ice froze solid for many, many feet before these trucks cross, but in reality, they'll drive 120,000 pounds across ice as thin as 36 inches! Sorry, but that's not a job for me!

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