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Just more pics

Stupid birds...

The pilot cars always went too slow, especially in the deep stuff. There was one road construction site where I asked the lollipop girl to tell the pilot car to go a little faster, since I wanted to at least be able to completely engage the clutch, and proceeded to get a 10 minute safety lecture. I tried to explain that if I could get a minimum speed up, I could "get on plane" and it would be more stable and safer, plus I wouldn't burn out my clutch. She didn't want to hear about it. So, the pilot car took off, and, too slow, so I just stopped and let the pilot car go on ahead for awhile, then took off. Much better

Where is my bike (seat)? You got it, right under this ancestor.

We are in the middle of nowhere when I see something odd on the top of a mountain. I do the full 12x zoom to get this photo. Cell tower? Microwave? Dunno.

Yukon Ho!

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