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Watson Lake and Hwy 4

So we break into Watson Lake and ride past the Sign Forrest, but it was getting kinda late so we didn't stop in.

Chow time!

Brauhausbier loves all things beer

Hwy 4 going Northwest out of Watson Lake.

We went about 50 miles up Hwy 4 until we found a campground. It was navigating the campsite that I realized that I didn't have 1st gear! Sometimes it would engage, sometimes not, sometimes it would pop out of gear. I was a little worried about it - constantly thinking of what could cause such symptoms. When it was cold, it engaged fine, but as it warmed up, it didn't.

At this point I was starting to worry that my TKC-80 on the rear was wearing at an alarming rate, that, coupled with my mysterious 1st gear problem, we decided to backtrack down Hwy 4 and head to Whitehorse. Bummer!

I brought the pressure up to 40 psi.

I love being able to stop in the middle of the road and not worry about traffic. In 100 miles up and back, we encountered a car and a van, that was it.

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