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From Watson Lake to Whitehorse

To tell the truth, the road from Watson Lake to Whitehorse just isn't that fantastic. I mean, it's still cool and all, but compared to everything else, it's just not that memorable, unless you see something interesting on the side of the road.

And that's just what happened. As we're going west, I notice these black shapes on the side of the road for about a mile or so, then I don't see anything anymore. It's kind of like black sheets of newspaper blowing in the wind. Oh well, it was a mystery and I let it escape my mind to make room for new information. That is until:

Note what's left of the shotgun. I was surprised to see it, assuming Canadians just couldn't own firearms. I was wrong.

I actually remembered their names for a couple of days... Sorry guys, please fill in if you see this. Anyway, they were a father and two sons on a trip from Alberta, heading west. The black stuff I saw a mile earlier was the contents of the poor kid's saddlebags that caught on fire from being too close to the muffler. The dad packed what was left on his Suzuki 400 and they were determined to continue on. There was nothing we could do for them. So we continued on.

Until we stopped for chow. And whom do we meet? Our very own local celebrity - Gary Smith. If you don't know, he's the one that took off on his Ural sidecar to Tierra del Fuego on a whim, previously not having ridden more than 150 miles from his house. He has a DVD out called Burro Has Three Wheels. Apparently on this trip he's going all the way north.

Hamming it up in front of his *new* Ural.

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