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Ok, so remember that I have a partial brain only, and that it's full. Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory, and something like 90% of the population of this vast land live in Whitehorse. Wow. So anyway, Whitehorse is a cool town and I liked it there, but what I didn't like were the prices. Ces't la vie I suppose.

When I was in Watson Lake, I called ahead to the KTM/Honda dealer and asked if they had a tire in my size - I didn't care what kind. John(?) told me they had one in stock. "When do you close?" "5 o'clock sharp." Not knowing how long it would take to get there and find the shop, I gave my cc# and asked him if I didn't make it in time, could he please stash it somewhere outside where I could find it. He agreed. Well, I made it in time after all and bought the tire and 2 quarts of oil. Total damage was $260, but I paid it gladly. I had a tire waiting for me in Wasilla, but that sure wasn't doing me any good now!

And another reason I had nothing to complain about was that when we were eating at Watson Lake, I remember this guy from Newfoundland coming in and said something to us about tires in that sing-song accent. Next thing I knew, he was gone. Well, as it turns out, he and his buddy, both on GS's and smoked their tires also, and not only that, buddy #1 was already riding on the cord and could not make it to Whitehorse. That left buddy #2 to do the 5 hour ride to Whitehorse and back to Watson Lake. Of course they were both heading to Whitehorse anyway, so buddy #2 got to do it again.

KTM's and lawnmowers

How I spent my summer vacation. Ok, I have to come clean to Brauhausbier. I had no idea why I lost first gear. It was the weirdest thing and the only thing I could think of was oil. I changed the oil and there were no metal bits anywhere. That's a good sign! But what I found was... that the bolt that holds the shifter on its spline had backed out and so the shift lever was sloppy enough that it hit the frame before it moved the shaft far enough to engage. Well, I was highly embarresed to say the least, so I publicly declared that "yup, changing the oil fixed first gear!" So, here it is, a backed out bolt, and not the oil after all.

John (on the right) was super-cool and went out of his way to accomodate us, even though he needed to get to his 20 year high school reunion. Thanks man!

Another guys who's name I can't remember, maybe it was Dell? Anyway, this guy could talk a mile a minute about anything! He told us about the guy who got blown over by a wind gust on the haul road and rode into a pole. Apparently busted up bad enough that air-flighted him out of there. He had that Med-Jet insurance. It wasn't life-threatening, but it was bad enough to put an end to his trip.

Dell, do you think you have enough shit packed on your bike?

And so the day ended at Whitehorse with the most expensive campground so far - $16 per tent. Whatever. At least they had showers. Also, there was a Chinese restaurant in town where they said they fired the cook and brought a new one in Directly from China. All I can say is that they need to send him back. Notice that I still have the yellow tent.

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