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Another factoid

You may have noticed that pretty much everything fits in my two Zega's and the tank bag, nothing else. I kinda hate having shit strapped all over the place on the bike, and besides, by trip's end, you'll have shit strapped all over anyway. At the very last minute I packed a lawn chair, and that's what you see strapped to the back.

My pack list is:

4 Wicking T Shirts
2 Pairs Jeans
1 Pair of hiking pants
4 pair wicking undershorts
4 pair wicking socks
1 wool sweater
1 long johns
1 Hat
1 Bug Net Hat
Camp Shoes
Bathing Suit
Electric Jacket
Jacket Cord

Sleep Pad
Sleeping Bag
Wash Cloth
Toilet Bag
Unscented Soap
Unscented toothpaste
Electric razor
Hair brush
Ipod (that I seem to have lost)

Tire Repair Kit
Tire Irons
Tool Kit
First Aid Kit
Motorcycle Cover
Various Nuts and Bolts
Wire Ties
Duct Tape (for taping the tent to the ships deck)
Multi Tool
Face Shield cleaner
Gas Can
Rope (25’, used for strapping the tent to the ships deck)

One-piece Aerostich
Riding Boots
Racing gloves
Three Season Gloves

Extra Eye Glasses
Ear Plugs
Canada Insurance Certificate
Drivers License
Medical Cards
Debit Card
2 Point and shoot cameras (one on the belt, one was the time-lapse – Pentax WP and Pentax W30. Both are waterproof and dustproof and smaller than a pack of smokes.)
Canon S3 (which self-destructed less than halfway through the trip)
Cell Phone
Battery charger (AA Rechargeable)
Alaska Books
Toilet Paper

Small Sharp Knife (mini Swiss Army knife)
Leatherman Wave/multitool
3 or 4+ various sized plastic bags (it rains a lot there)
Tire Pump-Electric (Slime pump, works great!)
Spare fuses for bike
Decent can opener (P38 for you vets)
Matches/Cig Lighter
Tire repair kit. (at least half the people in route have a flat)
At least $300 cash for emergencies/tires/tire changes, repairs.
A bicycle cable lock for locking the helmet and ‘stich to the bike when eating or something.

The only thing I'd change when going to a new, cool place is to pack more socks and less t-shirts because you'll be buying plenty. When I bought souveniers for friends back home, I'd usually just send them back to my house instead of packing them along on the trip.

I used everything I packed, and wanted for nothing except duct-tape and rope for the boat. It was my best packing job yet.
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