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OBDR Oregon and around

My friends and I just got back from a week in Oregon. We had originally planned on riding the OBDR route from Lakeview on up to Walla Walla, Wa. I had been watching the fire closures in the Malheur National Forest.
We wanted to stick to the original route and avoid detours so we opted to ride Sec 3 which follows the Oregon Cascades. We would try Sec 5 another time.
I got the tracks for this section from this post.
There were 2 sets of tracks posted, I compared them and they were close enough. I had to edit them some to get them into my 60csx. Thanks Guys

The plan was to ride south from home in SW Washington with a side trip to Crater Lake on the way down, pick up the route at the southern end and ride north. With time we were hoping to then pick up Sec 4 from Sisters and head east towards 395 and then home. We'll see. This was to be a first big motorcycle trip for all of us. We had plenty of riding experience over the years, just not this ADV type thing! Interesting fact, I had the only gps. Following a track around local areas is one thing, somewhere you've never been should be interesting.

I left home to meet the others, it looked like we would have some rain.

Stopped at Fern Praire Market down the hill for gas, reset the odo, pulled in the clutch and snap. No clutch, WTF. The cable broke, I pulled the rubber boot back and it looked like moisture had done it's job. I bought the bike used with only a 1000 miles on it last year. I did really try to check everything for this ride. Oh well make the call, Martin comes and gets me with his truck and trailer. Call around and suprisingly someone has a cable in stock. Better here than somewhere else.

A few hours later and we're off. Martin, Gordon and myself

Up the gorge on 14 to Hood River Bridge, no time for pictures. That is one thing I noticed, it was going to be hard to be stopping for pictures. We were on a mission. Hood River Bridge was interesting, a long metal grated bridge. I never thought we would get across that, not much tire in contact with the surface. On up around Mt Hood, it started raining. Add some warmer clothes. Started heading down 26 and the sun peaks out, take them off. Stopped at Warm Springs on the Deschutes River, my son had put in there on a raft trip earlier in the day. Already miles down river. It was hot and I wished I was floating down the river.

We made good time to Bend, had some thing to eat, grabbed a box of beer and headed up Century drive to the mountain towards the campgrounds beyond. A few miles out of town the road detoured south to the 40 rd. and over to the Cascade lakes hghway. It said detour so we took it. Took our time and enjoyed the ride.
Get out the map and look for campgrounds, plenty on up the road!

Well it's a weekend and half of Oregon is up here, every camp was full. We opted to camp off the beaten path but wanted a fire and decided to be good. We went by a horse camp at Quinn meadows that was gated, maybe we could ride around it and have the place to ourselves. OK, well there are people here with horses. They just have a gated community. We talk to the camp host explaining our predicament and she says no problem for tonite, just not last nite! Thank You. It was late and the sun was almost down.

Day 1, 277 miles

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