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The next morning......
Meet the Neighbors....

Stump Carving......

We head out to Elk Lake Lodge for breakfast and gas. Very nice Lake, sailboats and everything. Premium gas only at 3.95 gal.

We meet this interesting pair, the bird would follow like a dog and loved to be petted.........

At this point we were chomping at the bit to get on the route so we decided to hit the Section 3 route from the middle somewhere, then ride south to the end, then come up around Crater Lake and back to Bend and pick up the north section towards Sisters. We head back on the 40 rd, pick it up and turn south. Nice, I had the GPS it was dusty and I was leading. Perfect.

We had gone about 5 miles and I was coming to a cross road, I started slowing down but couldn't downshift. WTF? The shift lever was hitting the frame. The weld was coming apart, I could not believe it. I heard all about that problem with the KLR shift lever. At home I had pulled it off and looked at it. Both sides were welded, no undercut, penetration, it looked fine. Now, it appeared the stamped steel lever was the weak link, just didn't like the weld.

We regrouped and looked at the map, 42 rd would take us to Sunriver. I did not want it to break comepletely off just yet. I think it was in 3rd or 4th. I reved it, slipped the clutch and made it to the main rd going into town. I pulled over and decided to pull the lever off and move it up a spline, that worked but was not going to last. We got to a store and started calling bike shops in Bend. They must be closed or to busy to answer the phone, "please leave a number and we'll call you back." Ok now we need a welder. While calling around Martin had talked to a lawn maintenance specialist, he had a brother who had a friend who had a welder. But he wasn't home, well we could weld, but just needed the machine. Ok he would take one of us over, Martin agreed to go, I was still in dismay. After all the negative thoughts (what now, what if, if only, why didn't I...) go through my head, they come back and show it off. It looked good all things considered. I gave the guy a 20 and thanked him.

We were off again, A slight setback but that's all part of the adventure. I hoped they felt the same.

It was 2:15 when we left the store in Sunriver, We blasted straight back to the turn off of the 40rd we had started earlier. I didn't get too many pictures, there was nice scenery. We came through several OHV areas that were fun. Bikes were handling like pigs!! we were making progress.

Dropped down to Crescent Lake Junction. Debated going to find a campsite, but we seemed to talk ourselves into a motel room at the lodge. All that talk about showers and beds seemed to get the best of us. Whose idea was that?

Got cleaned up and by now had forgotten all my previous problems. We walked over to some bar that claimed to have the world's best roasted chicken. It was good! No plates or silverware!

Met these two interesting cowboys, they said they were PRC bareback riders and traveled the circuit. They insisted on buying pitchers for us. I was glad last call was at 10:00 or so.

Went back to the room and slept good. What a day!

Day 2, only 110.7 miles
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