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it's a nice day and we actually get an early start. Coming around Crescent Lake, I had a problem picking up the route before I realized it was on another track. Lots of stopping and pushing buttons. Martin and Gordon were holding out well with this and following along. Gordon would follow fairly close and eat some dust, Martin held back a ways and followed the last traces of dust. Sometimes he would have to read the tire tracks, this worked out pretty well for the trip. I would bring up the rear at times and let them lead using the map. I suggested before the trip we all have a GPS, but well you know....."one's enough"... I suspect they are shopping now! The only time we really got off course was when I fell asleep at the scenery and wasn't watching.

I think this is the Windigo pass area, my memory is slipping and I want to get this posted. Lots of red roads.

This is one long straight gravel road

There were a few hanging clouds and I kept seeing the base of a mt. with snow on it, looking at a map I assume it is Mt. Bailey. or Mt. Thielsen.

We came though an area that was freshly graded for us. Nice, roosting big heavy dualsports.

We started dropping down where we would cross Hiway 230 working our way to Union Creek for lunch. Went though more of the OHV trails and some hillclimbs.

We ate at a place called Beckies, good burger, didn't care just hungry. It was about 4:00 when we left, not sure what to do we picked up the trail and headed up towards Huckleberry campground. Not too far away. The GPS track didn't take us by it. We wandered around before looking at the map. Just missed a turn and we were there. It looked like it wasn't a popular place, low upkeep but was nice and remote. No water. It was probably 5 or 5:30, It looked like we would camp here. Gordon and I figured we would run back down to Union Creek for some water and refreshments. We were only about 10 miles of easy riding out. At that point I realized I had lost or misplaced my glasses. They are just for closeup so I can see the GPS, basically reading glasses. Martin was going to ride around and retrace our steps and look for them. We took off, the ride down and back went quick. I was turning up the road we had missed before to the campground and the back end went squirming around, Gordon was beeping at me. I thought "Flat, You have got to be kidding. what is going on here". Again all the thoughts come into my head, plus the ones from the day before and the day before that. There was a shiny new nail sticking out. I walk the bike the 100 yds or so uphill to camp. At Martins suggestion to relax, I was commited to changing the tire now.

Up to this point I had been having a good day. My day had just become, well I just wanted to get this behind me. We got the tire changed and I cleaned up, changed and cracked a semi cold one. I don't normally get too bent up about things, or it takes awhile anyway. But I was at that point. Probably tired, anyway not a happy camper at the moment. Things happen....things will get better I tell myself. We actually had cell phone coverage from a certain spot. I call home for support and tell the latest. "How come you're having so many problems and they're not?" they ask. Whatever!
A guy staying close by stopped and offered some firewood, he had been up there a month and a half building a fence to keep range cattle out of a meadow. I noticed nails laying in the back of his truck......hhhmmm.

Day 3, 131 miles
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