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The next day I get up early and go looking for my glasses. Looks like they're gone for good. It's a nice day, there are cows milling around by our campsite. I guess Gordon looked out during the night and saw deer in front of his tent. We pack up and head out towards Prospect for gas and breakfast.

There is alot of scenery and a nice windy road that brings us down to Hiway 62

A stop at a camground by the Rogue River. Mental note for the future, camp by the river nice swimming holes.

We gas up and eat in Prospect. The route takes us to a FS road 37. This was a fun mix of single lane pavement with turnouts and gravel. The usual nice scenery. Some where along this road a bear ran out in front of me. A nice brown color and good sized. Nice surprise.

We pop out on a main road and head towards 140. We are making good time, almost too good.

We cross 140 and turn off it to start climbimg a ridge that will take us to the end of this route at hiway 66. Looking back to the north you can see Mt. Mcloughlin to the left.

Heading back down the other side towards Hiway 66

The end of the line, Hiway 66

What do we do now? Get the map out and decide to head up around Hyatt resorvoir and up to Lake of the Woods to find a campgound.

We were on pavement and the others were usually leading. I see so much that I want to take pictures of but I don't. We blew right on to Lake of the Woods camground, this was a private campground and they didn't allow tents. There was a FS camp next to it so we rode over to check it out. A quick loop through and we kept going on towards Odessa in the Klamath Basin area where we got gas.

Everyone felt good and we weren't having any problems. Let's just go up to Crater Lake. We dropped in the basin. Big flat area compared to where we came from, cows everywhere. I wished I would have gotten more pictures. They were leading and I was following, it was late and we didn't stop for anything.

We got to the Mazama campground and checked in. Big campground, I guess I haven't been to a big park like this in awhile. I am more used to remote backcountry stuff. I've never even been here. We paid the $1.00 for a hot shower, worth every penny. They have the bear containers, we used them for beer.

Boy that MRE sure smells good! Martin said it was time to get rid of them. Everyone around us was barbequeing something, so the smells in the air didn't make them any more appealing.

Day 4, 207 miles
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