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great ride last night

DSrider night rides not for the faint of heart...Riding late into the night and up the parking garage on a steamy Fresno night, it was even a little chilly on the way down the mountain. Next time lets go through the fence and see if the new and infirmed can keep up. Hot syrup and pasty pancakes even tasted good, I am not quite sure about the torched hash burned browns. Uncorked is the man of the hour, I hope he is "fresh" today, I will be expecting a full ride report, and Im not talking about the motorcycle.
The new guy just got a taste of the fun there is to be had at the helm of a quick and agile dual sport. Mix that with a group of psycho friends and you have a potent dose of adrenalin creating experiences, I hear he may even cut back on the viagra now. Here is to tax free breakfast, welfare gamblers that pay the difference, and how. Pocahontas would be proud.
.Rule # 1 RAYOP (no matter how fast the other guy is)

Rule # 2 Spy the guy in your eye before you fly at the Y.

slow is smooth, smooth is fast

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