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The next day we are up and getting ready with the usual high caffiene intake. We plan to ride up and around the rim and then head north and pick up the Sec 3 route again where we started south from. It's a nice ride on up to the rim, you get up into that nice high alpine country stuff. First glimpse of the lake, wow. Just like all the pictures I've seen, nice to finally see it in real.

We pull in to all the turnouts, as do all the other tourists.

Wheelie Martin.

I did get quite a few pictures of the lake and the KLR, which by the way is holding up well.

We blast around the rim, stopping at the lodge. Too many people, like being at the mall, not that I ever go there. We look like aliens anyway. head on out to the north entrance. Drop down to the Diamond lake junction and decide to go check the lake out. Turning the corner off the hiway my back end starts dancing, "You have got to be kidding" I am thinking. Another flat, we all know what to do, walk around and find some rocks to get the wheel off the ground. No nails sticking out. the valve stem is loose. Get the wheel off and the tube out. OK, now here is where I screwed up to begin with. I patched the other tube from the last flat. It was a new HD tube with a new tire. I didn't think I would get a flat. I knew better but patched it anyway. I do this for fun! The patch blew off, probably from the heat. Held up good considering the miles we rode. So I stick the light duty tube I had as a spare in. Freaking hot out on the side of the road. People driving by are checking us out. "Sucks to be them". At least Martin had the sense to strip his riding gear off.

We get going again in within the hour. Go to the gas station around the corner and have an ice cream. We decide to just hit the pavement to Bend. That pretty much sucked, hot and windy. Just wanted to cover some ground. We stop by Bend Euro Moto and grab a tube for insurance, you never know. Also checked out a few bikes. "This might work"

Martin thought I could use some Devine Intervention.

We grabbed something to eat, got some provisions for the night and headed back up to catch the route north. Once we caught the route it seemed to take us through an area that we weren't sure if we were supposed to be there. Several mt. bikers looked at us weird. We were supposed to come out on the road to Tumalo falls. We asked one guy and he said we were close. Once there we followed it west until it turned sharply up a very rocky road. This went on for awhile. We were headed to Three Creeks Lake, somewhere around the base of the 3 sisters mts.

The road started to improve w/o so many rocks and we were able to do some roosting (as much as you can do on a loaded KLR anyway!). There were some nice corners with berms on the banks. I saw a nice turn coming up and started to get setup and some guy on a KTM coming the other direction beat me into. Definately the way to go. We rolled into the campground and the camp host flagged us over and asked us if we planned on camping. "Yes", "Well you got the last spot". Nice, it looked like a place I would like to come back to someday.

A good way to end the day.

Day 5, 203 miles
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