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Originally Posted by Blitz
The road started to improve w/o so many rocks and we were able to do some roosting (as much as you can do on a loaded KLR anyway!). There were some nice corners with berms on the banks. I saw a nice turn coming up and started to get setup and some guy on a KTM coming the other direction beat me into. Definately the way to go.

HA HA! that was me! - saw you guys through the trees and punched it to get there first - had I known, I would've politely pulled over and shut off my machine so you could've had your way with the big berm-

kidding, but really, I was out for a little 60 mile evening rip and had this premonition that something was coming the opposite direction and sure enough, you guys pop up and then the 3rd guy too.

Good report btw
What's next? More action!
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