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Originally Posted by robdogg

Earlier that afternoon, after riding for hours we came upon a dilapidated log tavern on the dusty forest road we had been riding.. It was a trip.. speed bumps and “slow down” signs, dozens of miles from anywhere.. no electrical service (other then a generator). The outbuildings and other structures were made from river rock and were literally 130 years old (so claimed the weathered sign along side the road) and not a single Harely anywhere to be seen.. it was like something out of a Louis L’Aamour paperback.

Different kind of place, huh? I was in there with Ditchbanker back in March ~ It was Monday at about 10:30am. We both had a cup of coffee while the owner (who drove up in his truck with a beer in hand) and his wife had three cans of Bud Light each and talked about all the "conceptions" that had happened up there recently. All girls, apparently. "because of the hot water in the hotsprings" they said.

Haven't been in since... and I heed the "go slow" signs when I pass through.

Can't wait for the rest of the report
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