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Why I prefer to camp deep in the woods

Yeah, that was an interesting night. Did I mention that the week before I happend to flip by the AMC channel and catch the part in Easy Rider where Jack Nicholson is killed while asleep in his sleeping bag?

Smeagol type conversation with myself at about 11:48PM:
"Could they be trying to kill ussssss?"
"No, surely not, they've probably been imbibing a little (lot?) and are just having some fun"
"Yeah, maybe thats why they didn't realize they needed to be closer to hit usssssss! Or maybe they shot Rob first before coming after usssss!"
"OK, listen for footsteps"
20 minutes later, almost ready to drift off.... BOOOM!
"They ARE trying to kill usssss!! They just shot Jerry!"
"No, that wasn't any closer, there just having some fun"
"Alright, but I'll just lie here and listen for a while...."
A half hour later, a 3rd gunshot! Still no hits.
"OK, their probably not trying to kill usssssssssssss"
" Yeah, but if their inebriated, what if they forget we're here and shoot this way?"
"Oh, shut up and go to sleep, they've missed evertime so far"

Then, about 2AM, this is what the car with the boomer stereo saw when he turned into the wrong entrance:

Well, except there was a guy in the tent with this deer in the headlights look of sheer panic staring back.

The next night we stayed in a campground filled with nice families from Utah, where WE were the suspect characters! I slept great that night.
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