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Originally Posted by tr1200
Hey all-
Haven't been around for awhile. Just read some recent posts and am jealous. I'll need just a litttle time to get the head gasket on the Berg but haven't had ANY time for anything but work lately! If this continues I might snap like Chapman did at U.T.Austin in 1964(?). Or I could resort to the zombie-creating combo. of Benzodiazapene and Prozac .
Heya Tom,

Sorry to hear you been down. Know how that is, all I gotta say is get the hell out of HUSAHELL. Ya I got the bike running... But that regina cam chain, well i think it snapped. Either that or the counter balancer exploded. Either way my berg is DONE. I drug it over to Wilson's, after wrestling with them for a while it sounded like they would give me 1.3k in trade for my berg (OUCH!) and I still owe 3k. Almost took em up on the offer... But that is only for a trade in. Soooo I would have to roll off the lot with something. The only thing they had that I sorta liked was a street legal 2007 KTM 450. All said and done I would have to finance 12.5k and the bike is only worth about 8k :(

It looked like an ok bike... But I could just imagine the freeway being an absolute nightmare on it. The wife even left it up to me. She made a great point tho... I am liking the road some more then before, and the rides are a bit far for a 450. So looks like I want an LC4 640. Since those are damn hard to get yer hands on, not to mention a HUGE price tag, I am going to have to dig myself out of a hole first then sock a few thousand away for a new toy.

Looks like it will be a year or two for me. I will keep in touch though. In the meantime, if anyone wants a project bike (currently NOT running) I will sell for $1600. You all know what is wrong with it.... Buyer beware it is a nightmare.


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