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Originally Posted by dzrtracin
The hookah was christened
Yes.....yes it was. Good times! Thanks! Adding the licorice to it REALLLY made it nice.

ok...since Mojave GS asked; I was making my way up silver canyon and on the second water crossing I took it a little too fast, made it accross but it died on the other side. Tried turning it over (LIKE A HIGE DUMBASS) and nada. Hit the starter once more and heard a small clunk. Pulled the plugs, a little water came out, but the starter did nothing. Sooo....Oly (YOU FUCKING BUDDY!!! THANKS!!!) went and got some other riders, they pushed me accross the creek and I rolled the bike down the hill. Oly towed me the rest of the way to the RailRoad museum parking lot. Oly hung out with me for a bit to keep me company. A bit later riders coming down from WMRS hung out and BS'd with me for a bit until Bob, Glen (Santa??), James, and the rest of the crew showed up and loaded my big pig in a trailer. We got to Bobs house in the Bay Area around midnight where he let me shower and crash at his place. This morning he was kind enough to drive me all the way up to santa rosa and drop me off at my mechanics shop. Capt. Huggie came out and drove me home. SOOOO many great people and kind hearts for a rider in need. You all really helped me out! Looks like my bar tab at the next event will be a bit hefty, but WHO GIVES A FUCK, you guys got me out of there and got me home! I get the bike fixed. Probably a SERIOUS engine overhaul...but...I am at 84Kmiles; I guess I was about due for some work, maybe? Anyone heard anything about those Touratech clutch's? I might as well upgrade if the engine will be that torn down?
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