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yep budget is the big issue for me right now trying for sub $1500 if I can

just looking for a reliable semi-modern do-all bike that I won't cry about if it falls over

**I've got the old (pretty)triumph for sunny local back road strafing/ posing/wrenching and a ural for novelty/local utility and ....more wrenching?!

but I really want to try out a little dirt road action as well as do some occasional touring
with less of the will I make it/ is it time for a tune up? and more of the where I should i go!

seems like most any modern Japanese bike would fit the bill but I like the DR
I tested a 2006 DR last year liked the way it felt

didn't know how different the two incarnations were that different from each other
or whether there would be any hope of getting panniers or such items later

is it better bet to wait till I have more bucks for a newer bike? dunno
from what I have read about the newer DR/KLRs
it seems like if you get an okay bike these suckers will go for a long time
but most of the info i read is about post 96 DS bikes

thanks for the input so far
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