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How to get two bikes from Portland to Oregon. Hmmm.

I could fly up there, ride one down. Fly back, and ride one down. Now that sounds fun!
I was feeling the love. Everywhere I turned, somone was willing to bend over backwards to help me with this problem, this conundrum. The folks at work, the fellow who bought Naughty Zoot (Monty Python, folks), and guys on my mailing lists all volunteered to help me out.

It's like when you take your bike to the restaurant and the valet offers to park it for you. Everyone's a helper.

My brother doesn't get out much. He lives in Tennessee, and he rides. Hmm, let's see if he wants to do this with me.

He does! Yaaaaay! It'll be like when we were kids and hung out together. Ok, not so much because a day full of riding precludes a day full of talking.

At the end, I really enjoyed the trip with my brother. However, we talked more on a trip to town in my cage than we did for hours on end on the road on the bikes. Sure, DUH. In hindsight.

Here's Mt Hood as my brother flew into Portland

My office view used to be most of the mountain over the Willamette (Will-Am-Eht), and a good view of the Hawthorne and other bridges.

Yannick's the picture-taker in my family. I rely on a mind like a steel trap to remember events. Unfortunately, it has a big hole in the bottom, so I forget that I should take pictures cause I suffer from CRS.

One big challenge - it had been raining like crazy all up and down the west coast. And cold. I have a great Heine Gericke setup, and even in 26 degrees, I can get by. Yannick's a fair weather rider. Tough as nails, but anyone who's ridden in that knows tough only gets you so far.

So what to pack?! One for me, one for him. One for me, one for him. Let's say, I packed more than I would have normally... This would have consequences later.

Drrags picked me up when I got to Portland. It'd been a long time and I missed hanging out with him. Love his attitude and his perspective on things. It' had been some years, but he didn't look and different. Awesome.

Yannick was coming in the next day, so we headed off and had something to eat.

He's in the middle of updating a few things. I know a few things, so I helped do a little drywall work and change out a couple of light fixtures. For some reason, I'd always rather do a friend's than my own.

The next day, we get up with the plan to go to Sand Lake and get some sand riding in, then come back in time to pick Yannick up from the airport.

Let's say that, like all plans, it was a good plan.

Here we are stopping off at Jim's where he loaned us a couple of flags. Thanks Jim!!

I never feel good when I'm R&Ring an axle nut and then going on a trip. But the Husky's is a Nylock, and that was pretty cool!

Here's Jim and I with Drrags' LC640
As you can see, Jim's salivating over the Husky while I'm looking for the camera. I didn't feel bad, his Triumph is pretty hot. I don't think I've ever seen a bike as clean.

And he recently got a new 510 he loves. Awesome!

After that, it was on the road. We stopped by the Log Cabin, a breakfast hangout from my 4x4 days. You can find the Log Cabin in the Tillamook State Forest on the N side of the road. It's been opened and closed several times, but finally seems to be staying open.

Thank goodness, I was starving for country fried steak, eggs over easy, hashbrowns, and an ice cold glass of milk.

If you want something special, just tell Digger, he'll hook you up.

As you can see from this shot, my prowess with a camera is unsurpassed. It's even digital. No, I have no shame.

While talking to Digger, he turned us onto a road that cut across to Vernonia.

I had a concern as the Husky was running Scorpions, the knobbies were packed up and ready to be shipped to her new home. If you haven't been in the mud in the NorthWet [sic], then you haven't been in mud.

When I first moved out there, on flat land, in 4wd with BFG ATs in my fullsize Blazer, I could barely move. That clay can be slick.

What the heck I'm on a bike now!! Let's go!

It wasn't to be. I made it about 12' up the hill and that was it. Drrags tried hard not to laugh at me, and only just succeeded.

At this point, our plans to go to the dunes at Sand Lake sorta petered out. Instead we found some logging roads and went on a jaunt. I was happy drrags had a GPS. I never get lost in the SouthWest, but in the NorthWet mountains, I get lost in a hurry. I think it's the constant overcast that does me in.

Here we are taking a break. Lovely view. Oh, and there's that overcast.

WHAT are you pointing AT?

Nope, I'm not seeing it

Lookit the poseurs!

Why is it my glasses are so dark? When I left the NorthWet, I was whiter than a sheet of paper. WHAT UV?!

This is a FANTASTIC shot drrags took. This is often my background at work. The bikes are offset by the beatiful birch trees, and the road wending by into the distance.

You can just imagine clipping the apexes of the curves and slice through them, gas pinned wide open. Real soon I was going to be wishing I had left the knobbies on.

Ooooh, I want to take a pik-shure, it's soooo pretty! :ymca
Drrags strikes as I step towards him - but it doesn't look like I'm walking...

So the Husky has about 190 miles on it (remember this). I'm running Scorpions (dualsport tires). And I'm used to running on roads like this on my CR500. So what do I do? Yep, I put the hammer down a bit (hey, the bike's still new).

Of course, I'm only used to riding in the dirt on knobbies, not dualsport tires.

All day, the brakes have been a bit, well, underperforming. We had just come down a biiiig hill to this, and I ran up the hill with gusto, and around the corner.

And down the straight.

To another corner.

Where I laid on the brakes in order to make the corner.

What I failed to realize is that the rear brakes seem to have broken in during the big downhill event (I was riding them on purpose). But not the fronts!
Next thing I knew, I was about 90 degrees to the road. I'm modulating like crazy, the a$$ end of the bike is swinging from one side to the other, and the fronts brakes are working, but not CR500 one-finger-with-knobbies great, and there's a big, steeeeeeep dropoff coming up with lots of those big, green, hard things called trees and stumps all over its face for me to fall down and hit.

I finally get it whoa'd enough to make the corner, but WOW. Always a pleasure that I don't target fixate often.

We shoulda got a shot of the brake marks, it was silly. Drrags pulls up and tells me he first thought I was going to show off and pitch it through the corner, and then realized things went wrong when the bike was suddenly pointing the wrong direction, right direction, wrong direction to support that.

What a noob thing to do. Heh.
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