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After some more puttering around on the roads, at faster and faster speeds as I started to push the Scorpions gradually to their limits (instead of all at once, like before!), it got to be time to head back.

Now, anyone who tells you the seat on a TE610 is comfortable is trying to sel you something. And to put this in perspective, I've completed 1,500 miles in 24 hours on a factory BMW saddle, with lots of 1,000 mile days.

130 miles into this ride, and I'm really struggling to know how on earth I'm going to make it to Sandy Eggo from Portland on this seat. It makes a 2x4 look wide AND comfortable to sit on (Ok, the seat's a little wider). A solution is ahead. I think.

Drrags takes pity on me (by reading my mind, I DO NOT WHINE) and lets me ride his LC640. I think he wants to say goodbye to the Husky. And compare one final time.

I'm impressed. The Husky is zippier, but the LC just motors along. It's motor is definitely old school, but in a reassuring way. The brakes are more better too. But the Husky's fronts are finally breaking in.

On the way home, they work well enough for a couple of stoppies. Gawd, I hope so, they're Brembos.

We drop the bikes off, grab the cage, and off to the airport to pick up my brother. I haven't seen him in months, so the buff guy on the sidewalk looks like him, but when did he get as big as me? Ru-roh. Little brother no mo!

SWMBO alert - DO NOT read the following. Please?

We go to dinner and are talking. The waitress overhears that I've just acquired TWO new bikes and shares that she rides a 600. She's attractive in an "I'm a married man" kinda way and I try to steer her towards either of the unattached, eligible bachelors at the table. (what's really funny is I remember that she was, but not what she looks like. It SUCKS getting older!). I swear they can smell the married ones.

At one point, I make change my mind about what I'm ordering (or something like that) and she makes the comment that I'm to go to her room. Excuse me? Where the he** was she 22 years ago?! Oh, right, probably not born.

It was fun, especially for a worn down, pudgy guy like me. I'm hoping she wasn't just working for the tip, but drrags and my brother assure me she was.

The next morning, this big guy is still my little bro. Well, with a goatee. Anyways.

Awww, isn't he cute when he's seepin'?

Fortunately, I'll be about 12 states away when he sees this.

We got to packing and getting ready. Drrags was going to ride down to the CA border with us. Righteous!

As you can see from the weather, and if you've been paying attention, you may begin to realize I've overpacked. What had been cold, wet drizzle for weeks was now dry with sun breaks. But only a fool would complain, and I dumb, but not that dumb.

My brother the photographer sets up his tripod. Remember, it's early. And it's a weekday. And he's setting this up in your front yard.

to take this picture

Yeah, we got some looks.

Off to the races!!! Well, except it's Oregon (and Washington). Where getting a ticket is the expectation of every day and every trip for anyone and everyone who exceeds the speed limit by any measurable amount.

I was super stoked this time, though. We had a secret weapon. Unfortunately, we can't tell you what it is. But like all good secret weapons, just the fact that you have it means that you won't need it. And it was a bonzer of a good one.

Let's just say I never, ever in my 10 years of living in the NorthWet ever had such an uneventful ride insofar as the speed-obsessed officers of the NorthWet law are concerned (two of my uncles, and many of my dear friends are LEOs - just not in the NorthWet).

When I lived there, my Valentine 1 and my Lidatek provided the air cover I needed, but they still went off and were used! Not this trip. It was unbelievably surreal. I thought I was in other states where the law is about the spirit and not about the letter. OK, enough ranting, I don't live there anymore and should just get over it like the big boy I'm supposed to be.

Our first destination is the Evergreen Aviation Museum where the Spruce Goose is housed. It's on the way to McMinnville, Oregon. They have an SR71 BlackHawk. And those are cool. Anything than can outrun missles is unbelieveably cool in my book. And since I've never ridden or driven something that can't use another 100HP, it fits my style... That's a Hammer I can identify with.

I'm on the R1100S, so, for once, I'm the fastest bike in the pack. I also have the most gear.

Right around I5 and I205, about 25 minutes into the ride, I suddenly realize we've left a critical piece of luggage behind - our water packs, mine with some tools in it. I snag Drrag's garage door opener and tell them I'll meet them , and hoof back towards his house (can I find my way?!), now in RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC. And no lane sharing, this isn't California.

All the way through Portland. I get to his house, pop open the fridge, and get our camelpacks. For all three of us. Some of my tools are in mine. Cause I wouldn't forget my camelpack, would I? D'OH!

Then I get to fight traffic all the way back. I choose the wrong route around Portland and edge through rubbernecks looking at an accident Northbound.

Now, since this is Oregon, and I have had more tickets in Oregon than in every other state in the union and all of Canada combined (even though I've only lived there a fraction of my life), I choose to be somewhat cautious about fracturing the law on the way to the Evergreen Museum. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Let's just say, the R, she runs purty good on nice roads.

See, officers, I'm being a gooooooood boy...

I get to the museum

...and have to take a call for work.

I've been there plenty, so the boys are off exploring and taking pictures.

The view NOT to have

Apparently this has something to do with aviation...

there was a very purty flower

A BIG plane... In its day! The movie on how they moved it is pretty cool.

Now this has some HAMMER to it

We spent about 3 hours at the museum.

Time to go onto our next adventure!

Here's a drrags patented shot.

Once we hit the coast, the waves were really acting up. So we stopped!

At Rode A Point. Don't believe me? Check the signs.

Now these pictures just DO NOT do the size of these waves justice. I have a great video, but haven't figured out where to put it/upload it yet. I barely figured out how to do these pics (It's a time thing, not a technology thing. At least, I hope so, I get paid to know how to do, what do you call it, manage software Q A? )

This wave already had to come up about 20+ feet to even get to the top of the rock it was exploding over. Look at those midgets on the right!

People brought lawn chairs to watch the spectacle. It was a weekday, they were mostly retirees, so none seemed particularly pictureworthy. No, I'm not shallow. Honest!

The rock under the wave was taller than a house.



I think we were here around 45 minutes to an hour, just in awe.

Riding along the coast speaks for itself.

Chow break! check out the view from Izzy's. Izzy's is a budget all-you-can-eat buffet. Great view though.

Aha! The foreshadowed fix for the Husky seat-of-steel! Or is it?

Kush makes this little pillow (umlaat over the u), and it's very soft, and very cuddly, and feels like it would be a GREAT, FANTASTIC choice.

Unfortunately, after 5 minutes of sitting on it on a motorcycle, the vibration packs those little contents into something with the consistency of iron and it's no better than the Husky's own seat.

As soon as you stand and sit down, it's soft again. for about 5 minutes. My quads aren't strong enough to do that for an extended period.

No matter, it was left on for the duration, and is still on today, 4 months after this trip ended. I get lots of comments. Again, I cannot be emarrassed.

Shortly after this, Drrags parted company and went onto his engagement 1/2 way back UP the coast.


Many, many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, drrags turned me onto bikes, and riding long distances, and BMWs. Great guy, glad he came along for the ride, we were sad to see him go.

He commented that we'd made pretty good progress (he must've forgotten who he was talking to). I looked at my odometer, and said "When has 300 paved miles in a day EVER been good?" and laughed. We stopped a lot and saw cool things, and I can often be about the miles (which I enjoy immensely) and not the side stops available on that trip. Gotta learn to slow down and stop being so objective-driven.

That's the nice thing about Drrags and my brother. They look to the sides. Lots of these pictures wouldn't have happened without them.

One time I was in S. AZ on 95 headed N and was getting gas on a nice 98 degree day, me and Zoot covered in bugs (I know, on a hot day!). An older couple on their Harleys rode up, and he came over to chat. At one point, he asked how far I'd ridden that day, it was just after 1pm. I checked my speedo, did the math, and told him a little over 700 miles. "You hear that, Ethel! This guy rode more miles this morning than we ride in a MONTH!" Until then, I was impatient to go. I think I have 40 pictures from that trip, almost 2500 miles. Ooops, there I was getting all goal-driven again. Gotta stop and meet the people, see the land.

Sigh. Hope I can pass what drrags and my brother have onto my children. It's about the trip AND the destination...

With that in mind, I just realized I'm getting all goal-driven (get the report written, get the report written, get the report written). Sleep? That's for some other day, right?

Just before this, we sped through the town (ahem, 10 over). We saw the officer before he saw us, AND he didn't have his radar on. I was in utter SHOCK.

Over this hill is the ocean. I don't know why I know.

How's this for some nice sunsets?

Yes, these are copyright us! No stealy!

We made it to Gold Beach where I took one of the best pictures of my life and didn't realize it until after I got home and was looking at thumbnails.

10 minutes earlier and the light would have been so much better


The view from our room the next morning. This time of year April/May, Gold's Beach is very affordable

Unfortunately, the deep end is right by our bank (the other side is inches deep), and all the water traffic comes by. We needed to be up anyways.


Me taking a picture

And having my picture taken at the same time

Yes, the R has ThrottleMeisters. I love the way they look, but I rarely use them. Except to take pictures, relax the knot in my right shoulder, or let my arm hang after 10 hours in the saddle.

Uhhh, yeah. Ok, then.

Hmm, let's take this turn off 101 and not take a picture of the sign. Spanish something or other point.

Lessgo right? Or left? hmmm

I WISH this picture would fractionally do justice to what it looked like in person instead of through the lense of a camera. The cameras (both did the same thing, one's a Kodak, the other a nice Canon) have dramatically increased the fog content. It's a real bummer.

At max zoom, you begin to see what the last photo doesn't show, but the naked eye did.
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