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See the doggy? It was cold.

The Husky is now coming due for an oil change, so we're looking for bike shops open on a Saturday morning. I have a filter and crush washer with me, but I need oil.

We find a Ford/Kawasaki dealer (I'm not making this up) in Brookings, and I get a couple quarts of Kawi synthetic. The guys are *very* helpful with my proposed oil change.

Now there's a funny story around the oil change, but it casts a light that might make some people look bad, so let's just say that a funny thing happened while changing the oil and that no animals were harmed in the making of the film. And you probably can't change your own oil there anymore.

This is the story I can relay. You Husky TE610 owners, pay attention!

So the Husky dealer has sent me a filter and a crush washer in case I goober the other one.

I pull the drain plug, and voila - 1/4 of a quart comes out.

I hold the bike upright. Nada.

The counter guy looks at me with THAT look. Yeah, that one.

"Uhhh, I Just checked the oil this morning, it was in the sight glass"

Still with the look. It's the look I'd be trying not to give me right now, no question about it. Well, there's nothing I can do, so I pull the oil filter out. The metal seperated from the element, and the spring is free. OK, Husqvarna factory filters may not be the best, but no harm done.

I put the replacement filter in, add a little oil, and seal up the oil filter housing. Put the drain plug back in, and pull the oil filler cap.

Just as I'm about to add oil, I find the sight glass to make sure I don't overfill and ... Whaaa? the oil level is still OK? WTF?

I breathe a sigh of relief, and proclaim my lack of stupidity to the world. I'm still getting the look (of course).

Hey, now HOW do you get the oil out? The skidplate is aftermarket and for this model, but there's no other drain plug. Just this one bolt the plate covers, but it's tiny (10mm), that couldn't be it. WTF?

It's early and the manuals are in a box on a truck headed to my house in SoCal. That won't help. What to do, what to do...

I KNOW! I call the dealer in Indiana (!!), Hall's Cycle, I bought the tank, filter, crush washer, and sundries from to ask them. The same parts guy I ordered the stuff from answers, but he's at a loss too.

That's not good.

They redirect me to Jack in Service. He very kindly explains that an oil change on the Husky requires changing the screen. There's a screen? He directs me to it in the side of the case below the shifter, and I hang up feeling 1,000% better.

I pull the two bolts, and out pops two screen tubes, one coarse, one fine. Even better, I get the rest of the oil!!!

The looks disappear to be replaced with nods. Sweet! The screens aren't bad for a first oil change. I put the screen in and start to screw in the bolts.

and I fill the crank, check the level, and pack up. Whee!!!!

After the oil change, it's off to a delicious breakfast across the street. I love my country fried steak, eggs over easy (got the rest yet?)...

We mount up and head back on the road.

Whoo-Hoo, Cali-Forn-I-A, here we BE!

Who is that behind me? He KEEPS following me!

Ha-HA! See if you can keep up, you!

Not really, the Husky's not broked in yet, so we're staying around 70ish.

Where has he passed me and why is he waving madly at me to pull over?

This doesn't look good for a reason.
Is that a bottle of oil I see on the ground?

At least we're near the beach. Right?

Very happily, my brother noticed the oil pressure indicator come on (you know, the oil can with the drip - the same one my BMW has) so he rocketed past me (?!) and waved me down.

So now I'm going over the oil change details. I used to work on cars, engine rebuilds, rear ends, cams, whatever. I'm not a slouch.

See if YOU can figure it out.

We've come about 20 miles
The bike runs great, seems just the same as ever
Oil level is good
Oil seems to be sloshing around in the sight glass when the engine is runnning.
The oil pressure indicator is on when the key is on.

I have no idea and am plain stumped. I *know* I did everything right, this was just not a hard thing.

At this point, my brother asks "Now what?"
I swear, it's the miles, not the years. Because I look at him and say "Well, the plan ended, so the adventure must be beginning!" and I laugh.

This is just so not a big deal compared to some things that have happened in my life. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but it is what it is.

I finally succumb and call my preferred dealer (will be my dealer) in SoCal. I walk through the symptoms and what's happening. No joy.

I go back through the steps I did yet again with myself. Pull the drain plug, filter, screens only fit one way and no way they're blocking anything. I had even compared filters to make sure. WTF!!!?!

Figure it out yet? Why not, you have all the info I had!

I call Jack at Hall's again, and apologize profusely for bothering him yet again.

I explain the problem and he starts to laugh.

Husky dudes and dudettes, PAY ATTENTION.

The LCD indicator that looks EXACTLY like the LOW PRESSURE warning icon on every other vehicle in mankind (like the BMW parked right next to it in the picture below) is the oil *CHANGE* indicator. No, not a wrench, the oil drip can with the drop coming out of it. Phreeooooowww!

I wanted to remember this place

On the Road again! (Willy Nelson style, sing it with me!)

The R with regular lids is not the best looking bike from the back... A little hippy. With city lids, it looks sharp, though. But that's not conducive to a multi-day journey.

I feel like I'm getting smaller...

Ayup, definitely smaller

HEY! The bathrooms right behind the tree in the pic above!!!

J/K, he was looking at the note on the windshield!

She looka good, eh? And isasum big tree. And isa small version of sum big tree...

When riding with the camera around your neck, bugs and road crap can jam the doors over the lens

Break time!

My, what deep tracks you have!


For those of you who don't know, 4wd does not make you invincible. You can still slide in the wet or snow or ice.

4wd allows you to get unstuck when you're in 2wd. And go far enough to really get screwed.

Don't go downhill in the sand, 'cause you're probably not going to get back up the hill. Especially when it's wet and coarse. And you left your low profile street tires at street pressure.

This Grand Cherokee has Quadra Drive (all 4 wheels drive, unlike almost all other 4x4s). You can tell from the shot because all 4 wheels are sunk an equal amount. The guy digging brought the tow truck.

People watching the circus

Is the tide coming in?!

Aha, it begins to make sense!
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