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Good to hear from you. Sorry about the mechanical, but don't sell the bike just yet. If you insist though, I'd like first dibs. Turns out that Husaberg packaged the wrong gasket (96mm bore instaed of 100mm) and in my haste I installed the gasket w/out checking. The piston hit the edge just before TDC! New gasket and master link will be in Monday.

I've ridden that Berg pretty hard in the Mojave Desert for over 2 years before any trouble. But my impression of a Berg is like my current mairrage; When it's good and everything's clicking there's nothing better in the world. When it's bad it's the biggest pain in the ass you could imagine. Both my wife and my Husaberg are teaching me new levels of patience, compassion, and flexibility. Also I'm told I'm a glutton for punishment!

I offer to come by and help with getting it going again; if nothing else it's motivation. Also, I had a tool made to press on the DID masterlink if you want to go back to the "good" stuff.

To you guys who made the ride- LuvYa- keep pictures coming.


ps- lost your # again Michael, mine's 559-338-0846
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