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Rob and Steve,

Nice shots. Sorry I couldn't finish the ride with you, but looking forward to 8/25. Sunday's ride was pretty leisurely for the first half. Later in the day, Tanner and Terry (Aircraft/BMW Trailside mechanic) found us a nice fire road from Dinky Creek area (the road we started on the last BMW Shop Ride) over to Kings River. Nothing on par with what I see from your photos above, but still fun.

I recruited a couple of more DSRIDERs for the next ride, Joe (he's the guy in the picture with us at Dusy Ershim trailhead and Marty Tripe's cousin, Chris (lives in Oakhurst and knows of many great rides up there).

Nice thing about the GS's, they are so light and agile, that it's really quite nothing to position them in all manner of instructional riding/crash positions to better teach the beginning rider. I might suggest that you contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and become full fledged Trail Riding "Safety" Instructors.

How was the movie?

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