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Husahell - Chance for redemption?

Originally Posted by tr1200
Good to hear from you. Sorry about the mechanical, but don't sell the bike just yet. If you insist though, I'd like first dibs. Turns out that Husaberg packaged the wrong gasket (96mm bore instaed of 100mm) and in my haste I installed the gasket w/out checking. The piston hit the edge just before TDC! New gasket and master link will be in Monday.


Since I rebuilt the damn thing I have been having trouble overheating... I wonder if I may have had a similar boo boo from Dan. Worth lookin into. I told my wife I would part it out, and get the hell out from underneath it. I really don't want to. I like the bike, just don't like the problems. I need that damn electric start working, kicking this SOB is NOT cool. If I am going to keep riding this beast I will need to do the following:
  • Bigger tank.
  • New carb (mine is really afu inside).
  • New/stronger starter (in addition to the clutched starter gear).
  • Second battery and underseat basket.
  • Second voltage rectifier/regulator.
  • New decompression cable.
  • Small pile of gaskets.
  • Newer and much larger diamond for my wifes wedding band.
This is all in addition to repairing what ever detonated on Highway 1. The thing was a whole lot of fun in the dunes, even with a knobbie on it.

I talked to my wife about finding a wrecked Husaberg that is 2003+ and bolting in a newer engine. I might do this rather then fix the one I have. I dont think the frame has changed at all since 2000, I will have to check with Dan.

I will pull the motor this month, but before I tear into the case I will give you a call for help. If for nothing else to shoot the breeze.

As far is first dibs on buying its all yours. You know what you are getting into, so I wont feel bad selling it to you.



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