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Originally Posted by Oni
I don't think they have crystal balls

Where did the biker thing take place? That would have pissed me off if I was stuck in traffic!
har har har it has nothing to do with crystal balls, take for example a guy walking down the street threating to kill people (based on a true story) the cops can follow him around but they have to wait until he actually attacks someone. oh wait what about reports of people speeding down the same street everyday, same time. Post a car? nope they have to happen to be in the area and happen to catch them, and when they careen out of control and kill some poor old woman in a wheel chair on the sidewalk, well I guess its just too bad the 6 cops behind the 711 everyday numerous times a day were too busy to actually stop the guys who race by them at 100+ in a 35 zone, or wait what about the crack dealer who sells on his front porch openly... My point is Most police dont do enough to be proactive, they just wait for the call, arrest the murderer and inform the coroner. what about the guy who calls 911 and tells them that theres a guy breaking in to his house, they tell him noone can get to himm for 15 minutes, he tells dispatch that he is going to shoot the burglar if he comes in, 30 seconds later the OWNER is getting arrested for making threats and the burglar gets a ticket for trespassing.

Oh and it was somewhere in ontario on the 60 I believe.
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