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When I said model I meant did you model them after an existing product. Seems that you have. Then if that product is good one can assume that your product will also be good. But that logic even has flaws.

I am sure that you build a good product. I just thought that it was worth asking about.

Originally Posted by jesusgatos
No offense taken. I'm not an engineer but I design and build a LOT of stuff.

I started off by taking measurements of other tripleclamps (stock XR, stock CRF and various aftermarket tripleclamps) and comparing them to see what type of material thicknesses they're using in different areas; most of them were within a few mm's of each other and they ALL have material removed from the underside of the upper and lower tripleclamps.

Where the material is removed (and what's left afterwards) is really just as important as how much material is removed. See how the ribs criss-cross the bottom of the tripleclamps? That's not a random pattern. It's a 'best guess', but I decided where to put those reinforcing ribs based on the type of forces that a set of tripleclamps is likely to see. It's not too hard to picture how a set of tripleclamps might get twisted, pushed and pulled on.

Personally, I'd feel comfortable running these tripleclamps without any further testing, but if a company like SCOTTS ends up selling them, you can be certain that they'd sign-off on the design before anything would go into production. I talked with an mechanical engineer friend of mine about this project about running some type of stress analysis. I'm sure we'd learn something that would allow me to improve on this design, but the truth is that it's probably not worth the time for the limited number of these that will be produced.
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