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replace limiter

Originally Posted by Sadlsor
I've been dealing with the noise since week 1 of riding the Beast home from Louisville. 2005.5, 1364 miles when it became mine in early July. It's been getting progressively worse, so Donnie at Graham KTM (Senatobia, MS) has sent me the new parts, to arrive today. Said it's a big box, like it includes the case. Good thing, too, because yesterday it clacked, slapped and whacked itself without ever starting the bike, to the point I ran the battery flat. Again (new battery 3 weeks ago.) It's like the starter gears are completely stripped.

Having just replaced the stator (not starter!) a week ago, I know I can get that far. But in the numerous threads I've seen here, I haven't seen details on actually getting into the starter / freewheel and all the guts there. I know I'll drain the oil again, but seems I saw a mention to drain coolant as well? Doesn't seem that should be necessary.

Is the whole procedure performed from the left generator case as before, or will I need to attack the starter from the right side as well? Does the starter need to be removed from the engine?

I'd feel better having a couple of more clues than I do now. I know Pyndon and RidewestKTM could do this in their sleep.

The workshop CD has been on backorder for over a month, so hopefully NC has mailed me his loaner. Feel like I'm flying blind here.

TIA!! I'll be wrenching while y'all are riding.
Yes it's all done under that cover. If you go to my discription of trial-side repar its the same, but allow the oil loss and keep it up right. Undo the vent hose competly. My new case came with an extra screw -no idea what for. The only thing I could see which would use it was a shaft retainer and it already had it. By the way no need to remove that screw on dissassembly - it is the one in the center of a boss in the middle of the old cover. If you went after the alternator stator you have done everything already except remove the limiter which is by fingers no tools.

good luck
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