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Originally Posted by jesusgatos
You've done a really nice job with this.

Thanks It's been a fun project work on. I've gotten tons of emails and inquiries on the fairing. and I acutally have a few sold though many that initally said they wanted one have backout for 1 reason or another

Is the fairing doing a pretty good job of redirecting wind away from the rider?

It does a fair job with deflecting wind but not completely. It's compairable to a sport bike fairing. If you want to get under the wind, you will have to duck down low behind the fairing. It works best at higher speeds when your leaning down on the tank.

I purposely made the fairing a lower profile design to help eliminate hitting it during a major "g" out which is explaned a little more in detail below on answer #2

If your looking for an up right wind blocker, a lexan clear sheild could be added to the fairing easily.

It looks like the fairing is angled awefully far forward. Any particualr reason for that? Could you snap a picture from the side, so I could get a better idea of the angle it's at?

The angle is almost vertical. there are two reasons for this.
1. I needed to create a lot of room for rally equipment. I personally like more of a flat instrument panel (roll chart and speedo) because when I'm at speed racing hard.... I'm over the front of the bike. It's takes more energy to push the body back and lean to look at the instruments when they are at a vertical position than when flat.

2. from past readings of rally competitiors on the dakar.. many have had life threating/ or death causing injuries from partial decapitation from hitting the fairing during a major "G" out.. so I move the fairing as far and low as possible to help eliminate this threat.

I'm also curious about the mounting options and what the whole thing looks like from the rider's perspective. More screen captures of CAD drawing and pictures would be awesome.
The progression of this project with pictures can be seen at the link below.

the mounting drawings were a concept desing to work off the Scotts foward mount post. there are two more options to go with.. a weld on mount and a bolt on mount. any and all of these mounting options are custom set up per customer request. Many have just design and fab their own frame mount and modified the fairing brackets to fit.

of course I will help or provide you with more specific drawings and designs after purchase of fairing.

what does your garage look like

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