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I love ridin the ferries. I enjoy camping out up in the solarium and socializing. I'd never pitch a tent as the recliners are comfy and they're under heaters up in the ceiling. I'll probably not ever pay for a berth again either as it leads to me sleeping too much and missing out on the passing scenery. This year I really lucked out with the Alaska Marine Highway System offering the (usually wintertime only) special of drivers going for free on round trips.

The ferry system is also very important for local transport of goods.

I wonder if someday I'll have any desire to travel by one of these "land barges?" Nah, I don't think so.

Also in port was the new fast ferry Fairweather. The other ferries cruise at about 16 knots this one cruises at about 36 knots or over 40mph! I'll end up getting an unplanned ride on it during my return trip when the AMHS MV Columbia has an engine go bad.

Coming into the Tongass Narrows that Ketchikan is on. That's the Ketchikan Airport that lies across the water from Ketchikan. Thus the desire by some for one of the two infamous "bridges to nowhere" up here. The other being in Anchorage across Turnagain Arm.

Many modes of transportation around these parts! You can see one of the small white airport ferries in the distance.

After a short stay in Ketchikan, on to another ferry over to Metlakatla. This is the view coming into Metlakatla with Purple Mountain on the left and Yellow Hill on the right. The population of Metlakatla is currently about 1,200.

Metlakatla is/was supposed to be a "dry" community. Meaning no alcohol allowed. It may soon be turning "damp" where it will be allowed for private consumption.

Here's my grandmother's old house where I've always stayed. She passed away a number of years ago.

It was handy having the shed to use as my "closet" with all the toys I brought!

Comet and I would be camping out in the van the whole time as most houses were full of visiting relatives there for a big celebration going on through the week. We didn't mind at all. We've traveled across country this way a couple times already. Fun and comfy.

Cool thing about staying here was that we were SO close to the beach!

That's Crow Island in the distance. I've collected a lot of eagle feathers there over the years when I paddle to it in my kayak. Looks like Comet's looking for another stick.

Found one!

And this is why he's so wet. He LOVES the water!

Shall we take a look at some of the local humble abodes?

And yes, of course there are Totem Poles.

Enough of the dwellings. I'll be back shortly with more shots of the surrounding area. Mark H.

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