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Originally Posted by JavaJunkie
It makes the most gawd-awful noise that makes you look like a putz on your big huge ORANGE motorcycle.

Does the same if not worse, on the big huge BLUE ones. Are the BLUE ones the noisiest? yuk, yuk, yuk. Got to the point where I would look around hoping no one was nearby when I had to start it.

When does it happen? Used to happen every time I started the bike after it was warm. Then it happened even when I started it when the motor was cold. Now it happens even when it won't start.

That's OK. Donnie Graham is taking care of me... my kit should be here Monday.

And the oil leak under the bottom of the generator case? I tried to be careful when I re-used the original plastic gasket, but it took me longer to put it back together than it did to take it all apart? (Isn't that always the case?) The dowels kept falling out, or one of the bolts would miss the hole, or... finally got it all lined up, and torqued to spec and not 1 Nm over! and it held without leaking. I was worried about that. And now, after 2 take-off's, I'm sure I'll be stretching my luck if I don't have a dribble this time after buttoning it all back up.
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