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This is my favorite area to paddle. No glaciers so the water is a very clear blue green color, warm sandy beaches, and mid eighty degree temperatures. Very nice. One year, pre Comet, I left my truck in Haines and just loaded everything onto the ferry to Ketchikan. Upon arrival we were told the little ferry to Metlakatla would be down for a few days. So I loaded everything into and onto my little recreational ocean kayak and made the 16mi trip over to Annette. Fun using my little boat for a utilitarian purpose. For some reason not many locals are into kayaking so it's another recreational activity I've shared over the years when I've brought one or two down.

The big tree in the middle of this photo is in our front yard. That's how close we are to the water. Very nice.

One Tree Island with Metlakatla and Yellow Hill in the background.

Most people think of boats as mainly being utilitarian rather than recreational around these parts.

The Discovery Channel did a special on this one because it got washed up on the rocks and nearly cost those aboard their lives.

Rez boats put out to pasture.

During WWII all aircraft heading farther north and on out to the Aleutian Islands had to stop on Annette Is. for refueling. And there wasn't a runway in Ketchikan till the '70's so all commercial flights also landed here. VERY busy place. My dad used to work in this tower nearly 50 years ago when he first started with the FAA .

Not much left of the big 'ol hangar from back in the day.

The road from town out to the runway had some nice twisties that I enjoyed running. My brother and I once videoed each other doing speed runs up and down the runway on my 'ol Triumph Daytona T595. I did a few runs up and down on the Duc but I had more fun doing big high speed sweeping ess turns from one side of the runway to the other. Fun.

There were also quite a few more paved roads for me to explore on this trip. YAY! Those newly paved roads opened up some nice vistas for killer backdrop while photographing the Duc.

Ok, on to some of the celebrations and activities taking place on the island. It was 120 years ago that some Tsimshians decided to relocate from BC Canada to the uninhabited island of Annette and settle in Metlakatla, Alaska. August 7th has been designated 'Founder's Day' to celebrate this event. 4th of July and August 7th are BIG events on the island!

And that includes a parade in which I got to participate. I rode wingman for a cousin. He on his total "Res bike" dressed like a Mad Max Road Warrior and me on the Duc in my Vanson Dave Aldana replica skeleton leathers. Fun! He even had a real horse saddle on his bike that he'd gotten out of the local dump! We were the only two motorcycles in the parade.

Other participants in the parade.

This is the dance group my family's part of.
LGG stands for Lepquimn Gumilgit Gagoadim which means "our own dance in our hearts."

Just being silly or making use of what's plentifully available.

The parade went through town ending here on the Fairgrounds.

Many different activities can be joined in or watched throughout the day. I've always won the slow bicycle race telling everyone it's gas money to get home. This year's 1st place was only $10 instead of the usual $20! Man, that sure can't get me very far. Next time I may take an ocean canoe with me as 1st in that race is $100! They knew better than to let me enter my kayak in the race. Shucks. Looks like the egg toss here.

There are a lot age categories for each of the many events. And yes of course there's married vs single.

Native dance groups come from all over to partake in the festivities.

And there was a lot of indoor dancing each night. LATE into the night! That's my dad in his gray wolf robe on the left.

And here's Raven in her wolf robe that her dad Corbin designed.

Some of the many others. A great time was had by all!

I also got be part of the raising of a totem pole that my first cousin Aaron Horne carved. That's him in the buckskin shirt with the wolf design on the front. He and I were both very glad I was there to be part of this ceremony. It began by carrying the pole through town. This was a small pole with only six carrying it. It felt fairly light to begin with and I thought I'd be able to help carry it the whole way. I ended up being very glad there were others there to trade off with! I've also had the good fortune to be part of raising much larger totem poles in the past were there were dozens to help carry.

Getting ready to carry the pole into the Longhouse.

Next, the new Walden Point Road, climbing Purple Mountain, and the sun setting on Metlakatla. Mark H.

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