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Torque limiter fix

So you don't have to go back thru the thead and all of my lousy pictures, here is a summary: The limiter works and fails like this; one gear (driven) drives another on the same shaft thru a ramped and pocket "clutch". When the torque being transmitted exceeds a predetermined value the ramps ride out of pockets and compress a beleville spring (looks like a conical washer). When the ramps clear the tops of the opposing ramps they slip by making the awfull racket. Problem is the beleville must slip on the inside (little diameter) the outside (big diameter) and because of classical friction it slips on the little diameter and this is where its retaining ring is. The retaining ring bites the belville and cuts into it. This changes the compression and reduces the torque that it slips at. So it gets worse fast. And eventually cuts thru the belville and pops against the cover making a big bang (noted in the TSB) and works no further. I put together a washer that replaces the belville and does not let the the ramps ride up.
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