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Originally Posted by nashopolis
Howdy all
just wanted to reintroduce myself as the proud new owner of a semi-venerable 93 DR650...

...but first things first

certainly I won't have much to add for my "knowledge base" but would it be worth putting together a pre96 DR thread?
the info is scattered to hell and back over the net and pretty hard to find....
Hiya Nash

I'm in a similar ship - just got a '91 DR650. Trying the search queries and threads on here, but still having a bear of a time getting the info I need. A Pre-96 DR650 thread would be money, IMHO.

Start one up, PM me the link, maybe some others will hop on the virtual trail you blaze.

fyi, here's the useful thing I found so far: manual (bottom left: r-click, save as) =
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