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Originally Posted by AkBrian
I've got a 90 DR650S that doesn't see much use any more since I bought my Wee, but I love the bike anyway. It has a massive gas stock gas tank, skidplate, and rear rack. The stock rear shock sucks, I replaced it with one from progressive. You really have to gear the bike down, as the stock gearing its just too tall geared for the way the engines tuned (no low end).
Once you get the kick starting routine down, you'll wonder why they ever bothered to change them to electric start. MIne fires with just a half assed lazy kick.

On my 90 (yours may be different) you pull the decompressor lever down till it locks, then slowly stroke the engine just till the lever pops back up, then let the kick starter come back up to the top, and then kick.

Watch the balance shaft chain adjustment, you have to pull the side cover off to do it (at least on a 90), Don't let it get to far out of adjustment.

I've never not been able to get a suzuki part from my dealer, but they will have to be ordered.
AkBrian, thanks for the bit about the kicking - PM coming, I just bought a '91.... problems starting so I got her cheap.
If there were to be a Pre-96 DR650 thread, would you contribute your wisdom?
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