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Hello everybody!

A bit of feedback and a question!

I've just recently purchased a Givi Screen for my R1150GS (coz it was cheap! and I had a bingle), after running Tobinators and stock screen, and a locally-made screen Which is like the Z-technic screen.

I found that as soon as you go over a certain 'tilt' of screen you go into a noise/ buffeting zone, tobinators or not. I am interested in trying the Wunderlich one piece that has won acclaim in this thread but I feel there is more to it... see below.

The Givi screen is the quietest and smoothest so far, in the laid back position, Tobinators or not. I am happy with this as an 'all-ride' screen. I feel this works well, as I'm sure do the Adventure screen, Wunderlich and others without a lip or wide upper sections. My goal is some wind, but smooth air with minimal noise. Popemobile/ LT luxury isn't a priority. I'm 5'10", average inseam with wide shoulders. I wear a shiny new (well, matt new) Shoei Multitech Helmet. I have handguards which I'd prefer to retain.

I am going to make or purchase some various deflectors and try them out (like R1200GSA) purely for the sport of it! I see some 1200GSA items fitted to an 1150, which I might try.

I feel that the dead zone behind a more 'vertical' or larger screen on any GS is affected by air that comes up from beside/ underneath. I see another member has made some for his bike, and reports well, as do most R1200GS owners who use GSA items, who have less 'lower' protection (narrower tank etc) than an R1150GS. Hence the reports that tank panniers work well.

The other noisemaker/ buffeter is the 'lip' on the stock screen, and as I mentioned before, it's angle. I see another owner has chopped that lip off, and angled the screen. I can see how that works well. If I had a spare screen I'd try it!

my question is:

Are there any aftermarket manufacturers of winglets for R1150GS'?

Thanks to all. This problem, for a lot of people, seems to be their greatest, and the solutions their most individual.
Chris Coote

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