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I ride a K7 DL650 Vstrom. My wife rides a K7 f650gs. First off I can honestly say both are great bikes! I have 12000 mile on mine since April and my wife has 3000 on hers since July. The beemer wins in the fuel economy department regularly getting 10MPH better the the Wee. 60 MPH Vs 70MPH. On our last trip she averaged 79MPH. The Wee delivers the power to the rear wheel a little more aggressively and in my humble opinion feels more solid when running in the high 70s to mid 80s. This is not to say the Beemer is scary at these speeds it is just the Wee has more wind protection and more weight. My wife's bike feels a bit small to my 5'9" 220lb frame. It is the lowered model but with your feet on the pegs the ride should be the same. Her bike seems to like the dirt a little better but now that I replaced the trailwings with Torrance's the Wee seems better also. The beemer was $1500 more and this is were I think the Wee wins.
Less money! The beemer commands more attention where ever we go and as she so eloquently puts it is "One Sweet Ride". Which ever bike you choose you will be happy with but the Wee may keep you happy longer due to the more powerful "big bike" feel. Also little things like 2 trip odometers, a fuel guage and more powerful headlights help tip the scales toward the Wee. I hope this helps just be aware if my wife was the one writing this the scales may tip more towards the little BMW . As a final thougt I sat on a Versus and although it was a nice bike it did not temp me away from either of the bikes we now own.
Good luck, Jeff
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