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Originally Posted by g®eg
Day four
Port Hawkesbury to Meat Cove

as we’re just sat around enjoying the scenery a group of rowdy Beemer types pulls in. Didn’t snap any pix of them, but they were a good bunch. Turns out they were from all over, and some of them post here on ADV. Quite a collecting of bikes too, couple of GS 1200’s, an old K bike with a trailer and a R 1100 S. WE went over an chatted with them for a while and the 1100 S guy had lost one of his bags… bummer! I told him if I found it, it’d be the one on eBay including clothes!

Anyway, the story has a happy ending, turns out he got the bag back!

that guy has good karma!!

Of course after the sun goes down it starts to rain and a HUGE thunderstorm goes through. Tent was dancing all over, waves crashing below… pretty neat actually.

This is getting to be a pattern.
End of day four
260 miles more behind us.

Yup that was me and I got the bag back but it has lots of battle scars from tumbling down the road. I will be posting my ride report in the next day or so. Funny thing about the Karma is that one of the yellow GSs got a dead battery on Monday in Larry's River. I thought about continuing on my own to Halifax since there was two other people with him but I figured that was bad karma. Now I am glad I had stayed because I would have been to Peggy's Cove a day too early to get my bag back. So I guess it was karma after all.
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