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Originally Posted by melodicly
I read on the stromtropper forum that the V may not be the best first bike. Better yet it may not be the best bike for commuting on crappy skinny local roads. Now as mentioned I do want to be able to go to TN/NC four five times a year (about an 8 hour ride minding the limit) and this seems to really be the thing that keeps pointing me towards the V. For a new rider what trade of should I make from a safety perspective? Better long distance comfert or better in town "flickability"?
I had a WeeStrom and thought it would be a great first bike. I also thought it was very nimble and "flickable." But that perspective depends whether you're coming from a bigger or a smaller bike.

Ride both and see which turns you on. That said, I think this is the last year for the Beemer 650.
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